Genesys Partners Venture Dinner XXIV

24th Anniversary Event

5:00 PM - Titans on Trial:

Do internet giants have too much power? Should governments intervene?

Journalist Ken Auletta FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny
and President of the ITIF Rob Atkinson

7:00 PM - Dinner Special Guest Speakers

• Dr. John Patrick: Former VP of Internet at IBM, start-up mentor, board member and investor.

• Howard Tullman: Former CEO of 1871, the world’s biggest incubator, serial entrepreneur and General Managing Partner G2T3V LLC and Chicago High Tech Investment Partners.

• Mark Walsh: Formerly of Revolution Ventures, Verticalnet, and serial entrepreneur, who will wrap up the evening with his classic satire and song.

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THANK YOU - for making Gen XXIII one of our best events yet!


With a nearly 100% attendance rate and no early departures, XXIII was what Genesys Dinner veterans are calling "the best one thus far." From the heated mock trial on Internet voting, Howard Tullman's in-your-face presentation revealing the harsh and hilarious realities of our industry, to Mark Walsh's satirical seranade... the night was an enormous success.
The Mock Trial & Forum: a split jury? 
When Ken Auletta asked the mock trial audience to "vote" on the efficacy, safety, and logical likelihood of Internet voting, the jury consensus came to a DRAW.  The first CTO of NYC, Minerva Tantoco, took the mediating stand between Dr. John R. Patrick and Greg Miller (OSET). Patrick made his claim for why the time is now to expedite the adoption of Internet voting. Whereas, Miller urged that besides security, there are more complicating factors at play, making quick adoption a risky move. Master of Ceremonies Jim Kollegger tweeted that maybe "it's too early to take a 'wait and see' position."

To learn more about 
OSET (Open Source Election Technology) Institute's project and proposed solutions, check out thier website. We will be sending around a digital copy of their overview booklet to Genesys Dinner attendees.

Check out John Patrick's Attitude LLC Blog that has over 1,600 stories covering technology, music, motorcycles, travel, business, and healthcare. His weekly Saturday morning e-brief features shorter posts honed in on healthcare and technology.

The Reception brought together nearly 100 new and familiar faces...


...and the Dinner speakers left us wowed and crooned.
The serial keynoter
The closer
Tullman's fast-paced "State of the Industry" reflected the fast-changing developments in the startup industry -- when you think you're caught up, you're already behind. Citing experiences from 1871, his technology and entrepreneurship center, Tullman made the case that timing really is everything. 

And Walsh closed Dinner with his traditional satire and song. He recapped his xperience as Head of the Office for Investment and Innovation for the SBA and left us with some political predictions to tide us over until next year.

And thanks to our Sponsors for helping make the event a night to remember!